Advertise a Job Vacancy

Advertise A Vacancy Advertising a job vacancy can be a costly and time-consuming process. The internet is an incredibly valuable commodity when it comes to recruitment. However, with so many job board websites available it can be really tough to stand out from the crowd. We've put together some tips and tricks to make recruitment simple and effective:

Where To Start

The best starting point is the job advert itself, quality is key in this area which means that you should include all relevant information that candidates will be looking for. This means that you should clearly state the title of the job role, the main responsibilities that are involved, and the salary. Many employers fail to include this paramount information and wonder why they do not gain interest from quality candidates.

Include exactly what a candidate needs to have to be considered for the vacancy, list qualifications and experience required. This means that you will not waste anybody's time including your own. Tell potential employees who you are, do not withhold the name of the company as this could put people off applying. Be clear and include as much detail as possible, your candidates will be honest with you so you should be as honest as possible.

It's also a good idea to mention any benefits that your company offers to employees, this could be the difference between a potentially fantastic employee choosing to apply to your company over a competitor.

Choosing Where To Post The Advertisement

A crucial consideration when it comes to advertising online is where you are going to post your advert. There are a number of recruitment agencies online that will charge unreasonable and sometimes ongoing fees to advertise through them. There can often be hidden costs involved with these agencies so you should choose carefully. Unfortunately, if you want the best candidates to come through your door you will have to pay to advertise your vacancy. Although there are options out there that may cost less, they will not target the exact candidate that you require for your position, or be seen by the number of potential employees that are accessible online.

There are a huge number of job boards available online, the best include names like Monster, Total Jobs, and Fish4jobs. These websites allow your vacancy to be viewed by thousands of jobseekers, but with exposure comes expense. The more websites that you choose to advertise on, the more that you will have to pay. There are more manageable ways to utilise these websites without having to commit to various different advertising contracts. That Recruit is an agency that allows employers to advertise at a reasonable rate without the worry of posting and managing ads on multiple websites. That Recruit post online advertisements for employees using the most popular recruitment sites including Monster, Total Jobs and Fish4jobs without the need for multiple contracts.

The company also prides themselves on honestly and does not charge hidden fees or commissions, allowing employers to pay a flat rate. The other benefit of choosing That Recruit is if you are regularly advertising your fees will reduce. The more you advertise, the less you pay, this is not often found with other recruitment agencies. They will also send candidate profiles to you with all relevant information included, these can be kept if you wish to consider the candidates for other vacancies, this is a service that most agencies do not provide. Another benefit of choosing to advertise with That Recruit is if you decide you wish to employ more applicants than you originally requested, you will not be charged extra for this.