Advertising a Job

That Recruit helps you find the best talent for your job vacancy

When you need to find the right candidate and the best possible talent for the right job, but you are not sure how to advertise your jobs effectively in order to get them seen by the right people, then we can help you. Many companies will advertise in the local press, free press, as well as in business related business newspapers. This is often because its the easiest and cheapest method available. But it is not the most effective method for recruiting the right people. By far the most effective way to get your job vacancy seen by the right candidate is to advertise the job online. But with so many companies out there to choose from, how do you decide? What is important is that when choosing how to advertise your jobs online, you have to consider many different options, including where to advertise jobs and in what format. This is where That can help you.

Maximum Exposure Online

When you choose to advertise jobs using the services of That Recruit, you will be given all of the necessary tools to find your perfect candidate in a direct way. With That Recruit, your job advert is placed onto job boards for a total of 28 days, with most clients finding their successful candidate within 7 days of posting. It is a quick and highly efficient way in which to find the right talent for your job vacancy.

The Importance of Advertising Jobs on Job Boards

When you advertise jobs online the key factor is to post on as many job boards as possible, and that is where That Recruit can help you. It can be very difficult for an individual company to both source and find the best possible job boards to post on, and so with That Recruit, you are given the ability to advertise jobs on thousands of job boards. These include big names such as Monster, Fish4Jobs, Indeed and TotalJobs.

How to Advertise a Job Online - the right way

Although That Recruit gets your job advert seen by the right people, it is very important that you get the job advert right before it is placed onto the boards. Without an attractive and informative job advert, it will be difficult to attract the right clients. So what do you need to include when advertising a job? Below we have some pointers to help you.

Clearly State the Job Title

When you advertise a job online the very first thing that you need to get right is the job title, and this means using a recognised job title with no fluff. You need to be specific and not too vague. If you need the services of a copywriter, then you need to state copywriter in the job title.

Be Clear

One of the main factors when advertising a job online is to be clear. When considering how to advertise jobs via the internet, many businesses feel that they have to post elaborate job descriptions covering every aspect of the job. This is simply not true. A basic and clear overview will suffice. What is also important is to state the responsibilities of the job and the duties that the job entails. An effective way in which to present this information is via bullet points.

Salary and Job Benefits

When you advertise for jobs using the services of That Recruit, it is important that you clearly state the salary and job benefits. Clearly stating the salary will allow potential employees to seriously apply for the job. If the salary is not right for them, then they won't apply, and this will save you much work in the long run. Listing job benefits is also a good way to attract the right candidates. When you advertise for jobs always state if there is a company car, profit shares or if there is a work pension scheme.

Remain in Control

When advertising jobs online through That Recruit, you will firmly remain in control. Once you have placed your advert, you will then shortly be sent a list of potential candidates for you to sort through and interview. You are at liberty to interview as many candidates as you wish, as there is no additional fee for hiring more than one candidate. Therefore once the job advert has been placed we do all of the hard work for you. You just need to ensure that you provide an attractive and well-formatted job advert to entice the right client for the job.

Advertise a Job with That Recruit

So when you are wondering where to advertise jobs and who to help you in doing so, use the services of That Recruit. We will hep you advertise your job online so that it reaches the maximum number of potential employees and that the right people see your advert.