Specialist Job Boards

In a competitive marketplace, having a mix of both generalist job boards and specialist job boards can be crucial in ensuring you receive a true reflection of your candidate. We thought it would be a good idea to detail some of the leading Specialist job boards for certain industries:

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Posted by Richard Draper.

We've just launched FREE automated reference checks!

We've just launched FREE automated reference checks!

Want to know more? Please see below:

The CV looked good, the interview was great and now the applicant has acce ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Hiring the most suitable candidate for your SME

Advertising your job vacancy is just the beginning of recruiting. It requires effort, responsibility, time and money to find the right candidate for the position and mistakes are costly due to the ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

How much of an impact do zero hour contacts have on the improving rate of unemployment?

Following yesterday’s promising unemployment figures, Julia Macfarlane (producer/reporter for the BBC) posed an interesting question on Twitter.

How do these figures look with the con ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Unemployment reaches 11-year low

It comes as no surprise to us that unemployment has continued to fall within a buoyant labour market. After a further fall of 37k the unemployment level reached 1.6m, the lowest in the last 11 year ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Where to advertise

Being in the recruitment business we're always looking at options that answer the question of 'where to advertise jobs'. We thought it would be fun to put together a top five list of where to adver ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Small businesses forecasting huge growth by 2020

The UK's SMEs will, by 2020, have increased their contribution to the economy to almost £217bn according to a recent report by CEBR and the Hampshire Trust Bank. This is a jump of over 11% and is ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Interest rates will remain unchanged at 0.35%

The bank of England today confirmed interest rates will remain unchanged at 0.35%.

They also increased it's growth outlook for the UK economy to 2.2% in 2016 and 1.4% in 2017. This is furt ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Exports looking promising for SMEs in the UK

The CBI has released a series of figures that certainly make for positive reading. According to their "trends survey" SMEs have been more optimistic in the last quarter regarding export potential g ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Tis the season to advertise jobs

With the run-up to the festive period in front of us, it is now a fantastic time to advertise jobs. Whether it is permanent, temporary, full time, part time or contract the candidate market is curr ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

New government scheme aims to help small businesses

Launching today, the government have announced a new scheme with the aim of ensuring small businesses will have access to alternative finance options, should their bank reject their lending request ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Jobs Increase Following Brexit Decision

The period of uncertainty expected following the UK’s decision to leave the EU came with the possibility of a depletion in business confidence.

George Osbourne, reported an “immediate ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Benefits of Fixed Fee Recruitment

Are you in search of expert and skilled employees? Do you find it impossible to find the employees suitable for your firm? It is not an easy job to find the right person in this competitive world w ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Why do You need to Opt For Online Recruitment?

It is a fast paced world where we don’t have time to stop by an old friend to say hi so we depend on the internet to do so. However, the internet has not only facilitated us with easy socializing ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

How to Advertise a Job?

Employees are not hard to find as there is a great number of unemployed people around the globe but talented and efficient employees are hard to find. Recruitment is a very hectic and time-consumin ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

5 Tips to make you more confident in interviews

The interview is often the stage of the job seeking process that most people hate. An excellent way of overcoming nervousness is to feel confident about the interview process.

1. R ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Four Interview Questions You Must Get Right

When interviewing, managers will attempt behavioral questions to try and make you reveal your true personality. Often they will be open questions to make you give lengthy answers. The aim is for yo ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Welcoming a new employee

The relevance of properly welcoming a new employee into your team is often neglected.

How employees are treated in the first few weeks at a new company will determine a lot about their att ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Recruiting for your startup?

Recruiting correctly at this delicate time of your company's journey is arguably the most important task on your to do list. If you look at the most successful startups, as well as their product an ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Chester in 1944

As you may or not be aware we are based in the historic city of Chester, North West England.

We came across this amazing video this morning of our city way back in 1944. It is definitely w ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Emily - My First Week at That Recruit

My name is Emily and I have recently became part of That Recruit as an account assistant apprentice. I was shocked when I received the offer for this role but I was excited and did not know what to ...

Posted by Emily Baker.

Recruiting Great People

Recruiting great people that help your business reach its full potential can be difficult. There is no magic formula to help you find the best talent but there are some steps you can take to turn t ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Getting Candidates To Apply For Your Job

Writing a good job advert is the first step in getting candidates to apply for your job. The job advert is often the only thing that allows candidates to decide if your role is for them.


Posted by Richard Draper.

Applicant Tracking Help Video

We have created a video to help you navigate our applicant tracking system and explain some of its features. Once logged into the system you will notice a new link in the navigation, 'Help Video'.< ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Initiative Launched To Recruit Graduate Social Workers

A new scheme has been established and implemented across England to help recruit graduates into children's social work.

The charity ‘Frontline’ was set up in 2013 and has already traine ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Register for an account

Registering for an account to our Applicant Tracking system is easy and free.

Once registered you can post jobs for publication across our network. View and process your applicant details, ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Being a flat fee recruiter

As somebody who has worked within various styles of the recruitment world, being a flat fee recruiter is hugely advantageous. There are a number of benefits and client feedback indicates to me that ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Where to advertise jobs

A key decision when sourcing candidates directly for any recruitment campaign is to assess where your candidate flow is going to come from. This was particularly important if you were planning on i ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Positive Recruitment News

A recent report by the ONS comparing August to October 2015 with May to July 2015, the number of people in employment increased by 207,000 (to reach 31.30 million), the number of unemployed people ...

Posted by Daniel - ThatRecruit.com.

Where to advertise a job?

So you’re recruiting. That means, you’re going to need candidates. Good candidates.

Recruitment and recruitment advertising has changed a lot over the last few years and candidate attra ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Flat fee recruitment

Flat fee recruitment is the method of the future. Knowing you can accurately budget for your ongoing recruitment requirements is essential in today’s market.

Flat fee recruitment is just, ...

Posted by Richard Draper.

Online Recruitment

Online recruitment. Why not? All of the potential candidates are online, therefore it make sense for you to centralise your recruitment process online. Particularly your candidate sourcing initiati ...

Posted by Richard Draper.