Airbnb's method of advertising a property becoming increasingly popular with SMEs

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A growing number of businesses are choosing to explore alternative lodging for their employees when abroad for work rather than the use of hotels. A study completed by Concur has discovered that the number of companies using the new popular Airbnb site has increased by 32% during the period of Quarter 2 2015-Quarter 2 2016.

Although the use of hotels for businesses is still increasing, Airbnb has become vastly popular within this sector due to the lower cost. The most recent results show that the total business travel spends on major hotels are more than 250 times greater than Airbnb’s unique method of advertising a private home, replicating the cost savings that can be applicable.

It was reported that small to medium sized business saved an average of 86% during the 2016 quarter and are amid the fastest adopters for the new substitute for business travelers.