Being a flat fee recruiter

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As somebody who has worked within various styles of the recruitment world, being a flat fee recruiter is hugely advantageous. There are a number of benefits and client feedback indicates to me that it really is going to be the way to recruit for the future. The key benefits for me are :


Our pricing is upfront and clear. When I’m speaking to new and existing clients I don’t have to have the awkward conversation when we discuss standard rates and best buddy rates. Transparency is keen in all areas of business and pricing is no exception.


Being a flat fee recruiter means that our clients know exactly when each new piece of recruitment will cost them, this enables them to make decisions quicker and to use our system directly to add jobs whenever it is convenient for them. A lot of clients, particularly HR teams have welcomed how much more accurately they are able to be when submitting budgets and forecasts.


Our flat fee model means that I get the opportunity to speak with both ad-hoc and volume recruiters on a regular basis. Personally, I find it very rewarding when I see a company, such as the STM Group, hire 23 members of staff from one advert costing just £139. I don’t think anybody who works in the service industry wouldn’t enjoy providing such a fantastic service. I wouldn’t want to even attempt to do the maths as to what 23 members of staff would costs in a tradition, non flat fee model!

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