Flat fee recruitment

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Flat fee recruitment is the method of the future. Knowing you can accurately budget for your ongoing recruitment requirements is essential in today’s market.

Flat fee recruitment is just, fair. Invoices should be a reflection of the work involved for a particular project. Does it involve any more work to find an £32,500 level accountant than it does for a £35,000 level accountant. Of course not. Certainly, not to the extent of up to £750.

I for one feel that transparent recruitment is essential and agreeing costs at the start of a project should be the norm. Regardless of whether you are using a recruitment agency or a flat fee recruiter it makes more sense to establish the costs at the beginning of the project.

Every company needs to be able to budget.

It’s also avoids any hiring decisions being impacted by recruitment costs. This should never happen. Even if you plan to not use a flat fee recruiter, ask your recruitment agency to quote you as a flat fee - most of them will, although it won’t be for £139 or less (shameless plug).

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