Four Interview Questions You Must Get Right

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When interviewing, managers will attempt behavioral questions to try and make you reveal your true personality. Often they will be open questions to make you give lengthy answers. The aim is for you to show your personality and experience with the purpose of seeing if you fit in with the companies culture.

Here are four questions that you should always be ready for.

1 - What is the worst job you have had?

The interview is looking to find out what disengages you. They want to know, when you are unhappy at work, do you get annoyed and become unproductive or do you take a proactive approach and try to resolve the situation.

2 - What is the worst manager you have worked for?

The interviewer is trying to gauge your expectations at work. Was the manager you worked for bad because of their management style? It is possible that the company you are interviewing for uses the same style.

3 - Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

The interviewer is looking to see what is pushing you to leave your job. It is very rare that happy employees go on job interviews. The interviewer is looking to see what expectations of an employer you have.

4 - What are your weaknesses?

Everybody hates this question in interviews, but nobody is perfect. The interviewer is looking for you to discuss your areas of improvement. This will show them that you are self-aware and can grow on the job.