Getting Candidates To Apply For Your Job

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Writing a good job advert is the first step in getting candidates to apply for your job. The job advert is often the only thing that allows candidates to decide if your role is for them.

Job Title

Using a generic job title will help your advert get found in searches. It is important the job title is not too vague or too specific either. Selecting a job title that includes both the job role and level is recommended.

A good example for a job title would be "Marketing Manager", rather than "Internal Development Success Co-ordinator". I know you are thinking no one will ever use "Internal Development Success Co-ordinator" as their job title, but you get the point.

Duties and Responsibilities

Clearly explaining what you expect from the successful candidate in terms of duties and responsibilities is a must. It only needs to be a few short sentences in length. It will help the candidate better understand the purpose of the role and what would be expected of them.

Required skills and qualifications

A list of skills you expect the candidate to possess is next followed by essential/desirable qualifications. Using a list for both of these sections often helps keep the advert simple and readable.

When creating your list try to be as clear and concise as possible. Make it clear which skills/qualifications are desirable and which are essential.

Your company

It is often a good idea to explain to potential candidates what your company is really like. It is not a good idea to use the company name in the job description, but including phrases like 'A fun place to work' or 'fast paced environment' will give the candidate a good idea of the sort of company they are applying to work for. It is also a good idea to let the candidate know the location and size of your company. Are you a small family run company or a multi national enterprise?

Include a salary

We always recommend including a salary in your job advert. Including a salary is both beneficial to the candidate and yourself. Generally candidates want to know what the salary is for the job they are applying for. It helps them make decisions on which jobs to apply for. Helping candidates apply for jobs that are right for them will also stop you wasting time with candidates that are looking for a higher salary than you are able to offer. Using a salary band or set salary are both fine.

Mention benefits

There are many benefits that candidates find useful other than salary. It is usually relatively easy to make your job description engaging just by adding some of your company benefits.

It is great if your company offers perks such as free gym membership, private healthcare, private pensions and profit shares, but it is not essential to make your benefits package engaging.

Does your company offer free onsite car parking, a good holiday entitlement, picturesque location, free tea and coffee, break room/canteen or a free uniform? If so include them in your job description.

Writing a job description can be a time consuming task, but getting it right can make the rest of your recruitment process so much easier. If you do struggle though, why not let us do it for you? Our team of copywriters are on hand to help you with your job descriptions. They will take your lead and you can approve it before going live on our network, but will save you a lot of time.