Hiring the most suitable candidate for your SME

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Advertising your job vacancy is just the beginning of recruiting. It requires effort, responsibility, time and money to find the right candidate for the position and mistakes are costly due to the time wasted and the additional costs to advertise the same position again. Filling the position can be simple but are they going to contribute to the business’ success and create a positive atmosphere regardless of their level of seniority?

Applicants can easily modify their CV’s to make their personality match with the desirable qualities a job may require but this does not always mean that they are actually that kind of person and they may in reality be the opposite! You could hire someone and only realise a few months on that they aren’t the person you were looking for and by this point the business has already invested money on wages, training and time which is now all to waste!

So how do you hire the right candidate?

You need to ensure that your advert has the best visibility in the first instance to attract a larger number of applicants so you have a wider selection. From this you can then begin to shortlist candidates which appear to be most suitable and reject any that are not relevant.

The next step is vital because this is when interviewing will begin to take place! Further investigations can be taken before inviting candidates for interviews including back ground checks on social media and sites such as LinkedIn to identify anyone that may not behave professionally. Ensure that whoever is involved with hiring are trained to interview candidates properly using a variety of questions that will test their ability and personality because this will segregate between the best and the worst. Remember, be precise about your expectations and observe the candidates response to see if this matches.

Once you are down to your final few, make sure your choice is done through confidence and trust that this is the best person possible for the position. This won’t be easy but if you have a strong belief that they are most suitable then they are more than likely going to be and if not it can be fixed.