Is Cyber Monday exciting for business 2 business?

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Today is Cyber Monday. We all know about Cyber Monday, your inboxes and smartphones are likely full of offers and promotions right this very second. A lot of revenue is made across both Black Friday and Cyber Monday and there are often a lot of great deals to be had, but does the same apply for B2B?

I think it does. The purpose of this blog is not to promote our own Cyber Monday deal (although if you’re interested it is pretty good!). I wanted to do some research and to find out what offers can be had in the B2B market, particularly for small to medium companies.

There are in fact some pretty good deals to be had if you can break through all of the B2C noise and stop looking at that 70” TV for a few minutes.

Firstly, Adobe have 20% off their ‘All Apps’ and ‘All Apps + Adobe Stock’. If you’re a graphic designer or if you have a digital agency there could be some money to be saved here, particularly if you have multiple users.

Microsoft are also at the Cyber Monday party offering some pretty chunky discounts across a lot of their hardware. Most noteworthy is saving over £250 on the Surface Pro.

FastComet are currently offering a massive 30% off all of their hosting plans for Cyber Monday. FastComet are already very competitive in their market so this really is pretty impressive.

Finally, if your office is looking for new MacBook Air’s John Lewis have the lowest rate online for the 128GB model at £850.

Granted these offers aren’t quite as exciting as the B2C options, but it’s definitely worth a look if your business is currently in the market for new equipment or new services.