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Online recruitment. Why not? All of the potential candidates are online, therefore it make sense for you to centralise your recruitment process online. Particularly your candidate sourcing initiatives.

Job boards are the central source for candidate attraction. Not That Recruit’s website and not your recruitment agencies website either. A simple google search demonstrates this.

A google search for the following terms..

  • operations manager jobs
  • operations manager jobs chester
  • operations manager jobs liverpool
  • operations manager jobs manchester
  • operations manager jobs newcastle

..did not produce any recruitment agencies on the first page of google (organic and paid results). It did however produce all of the following job boards:

  • Total Jobs
  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • Adzuna
  • Simply Hired
  • Reed

How about something broad. I ran the following searches:

  • new job london
  • new job liverpool
  • new job newcastle
  • new job

Again, these searches produced 0 recruitment agencies on the first page of Google (organic and paid results). We then tried something a little more industry specific:

  • IT jobs liverpool
  • IT jobs london
  • IT jobs newcastle

Again, zero recruitment agency results on page one of google. We’ve clearly established that the vast majority of job hunters are going to be accessing the job boards after they’ve ran their relevant search for Google. Where does your advert need to be? On as many of these job boards as possible.

We can help you achieve this for any role you are recruiting for. Let us help you with your online recruitment strategy today.

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