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A recent report by the ONS comparing August to October 2015 with May to July 2015, the number of people in employment increased by 207,000 (to reach 31.30 million), the number of unemployed people fell by 110,000 (to reach 1.71 million) and the number of people aged from 16 to 64 not in the labour force (economically inactive) fell by 63,000 (to reach 8.93 million). This is of course great news and also positive for our industry. With there being an positive increase we decided to take a look at the figures for vacancies by different industries.

It makes for some interesting reading, we looked at the figures for September to November 2015.

Key areas:

  • Wholesale & Retail Trade Jobs: 130,000
  • Accommodation & Food Service Jobs: 85,000
  • Information & Communication Jobs: 36,000
  • Financial & Insurance Activities: 32,000
  • Administrative & Support Service Jobs: 55,000
  • Education Jobs 49,000
  • Human Health & Social Work Jobs: 121,000
  • Wholesale Jobs: 26,000
  • Retail Jobs: 95,000

The human health & social work report comes as no great surprise to us here at ThatRecruit.com. Health & Social Care jobs is definitely a growing part of our business. It is also a key area where we have produced impressive results for our clients. As with any area where there is a talent shortage, having maximum exposure across the marketplace is essential. Our network has given multiple care clients this power and has made a difficult process much more manageable.

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