Recruiting Great People

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Recruiting great people that help your business reach its full potential can be difficult. There is no magic formula to help you find the best talent but there are some steps you can take to turn the odds in your favour.

Write a great job advert

Writing a great job advert isn't always quick and easy, but getting it right can be the first step in attracting top talent. A well written job advert should give candidates a reason to apply for your role.

If you would like to read a little more about writing a job advert, head over to our previous article on Getting Candidates To Apply For Your Job

Advertise your role

It is all well and good writing the perfect job description but if candidates can't find your advert they can't apply. That is where a company such as That Recruit (shameless plug) can help. For the small fee of £139 we can advertise your role across our network of UK job boards including top premium boards Monster, Total Jobs, Career Builder, CW Jobs, Indeed and Glassdoor to name a few. Your applications will be collated into our Applicant Tracking System where you can easy manage your responses.

Telephone Interview

A high percentage of interviews are usually split into two stages. Firstly the employee responsible for hiring will screen cover letters and CV's before inviting potential candidates for a first and then second stage interview. Adding a telephone interview before meeting the candidate face to face can sound time consuming, but can really help you find candidates you may of otherwise dismissed. Speaking to as many potential candidates as time will allow can really help you find that diamond in the rough. The candidates you then invite for a formal interview will be closely aligned to your job specification and have a higher chance of fitting in with your company.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no magic formula for employing top talent. A little planning and preparation can really help the process, but most of all, knowing the exact type of person you are looking for can help your recruitment run a lot smoother.