The Government Set Out Plans To Tackle Exploitation In Employment

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The Government plan to tackle exploitation in employment by creating a new role of “Director of Labour Market Enforcement”.

Sajid Javid (Business secretary) said the new role would:

“help us to bring much needed coordination to the enforcement of labour market legislation, and an evidence-based annual labour market enforcement strategy will ensure that enforcement efforts are targeted where the risk of non-compliance is greatest”.

He added:

“It’s not just workers who will benefit – if they’re not being undercut by unfair, illegal competition, responsible businesses will be able to grow faster and create more jobs.”

It isn’t yet clear as to what the full extent of the role will be although it is believed to cover the whole of the labour market as well as labour providers. It is expected to cover everything from accidental breaches to serious offences.

The original consultation included four proposals:

  • a new offence of aggravated breach of labour market legislation
  • police-style powers and a wider remit for the Gangmasters Licensing Authority
  • increased intelligence and data sharing between enforcement bodies
  • the proposed new director of labour market enforcement.

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority has also been renamed the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and now has increased powers over labour market exploitation.

It is a positive move to see a full programme of dedicated action being taken to tackle this problem.