The Worlds Best Employers 2017: Top Ten

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What makes a great place to work? Is it employee perks? Company culture? Great remuneration?

I guess that the answer is everything. The question is pretty subjective and answers will change from employee to employee, business to business.

This year Statista and Forbes have teamed up to produce a list of the worlds best companies. Unfortunately, neither Forbes or Statista asked the That Recruit employees to participate, otherwise, as you would likely guess, we would have come out on top. Nevertheless here are the top ten worlds best employers 2017.

  1. Alphabet (Computer Services) - United States - Score 100

  2. Microsoft (Software & Programming) - United States - Score 98.85

  3. Japan Exchange Group (Investment Services) - Japan - Score 96.19

  4. Apple (Computer Hardware) - United States - Score 92.27

  5. Noble Energy (Oil & Gas Operations) - United States - Score 92.26

  6. Daimler (Auto & Truck Manufacturers) - Germany - Score 91.60

  7. Williams (Oil Services & Equipment) - United States - Score 89.81

  8. IBM (Computer Services) - United States - Score 88.46

  9. Investor AB (Investment Services) - United States - Score 87.74

  10. LG Corp (Household Appliances) - South Korea - Score 87.63

Top of the list is (unsurprisingly) Google's parent company Alphabet. With a perfect score of 100, employees praised working conditions, diversity and the company image. A close second in this years list is the software giant Microsoft with a score of 98.85.

British Company Pentair just missed out on the top ten this year, coming in at 11th place with a score of 87.48. The next top British company is Apparel and Footwear retailer Michael Kors Holdings, coming in at 38th place with a respectable score of 83.23.