Tis the season to advertise jobs

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With the run-up to the festive period in front of us, it is now a fantastic time to advertise jobs. Whether it is permanent, temporary, full time, part time or contract the candidate market is currently buoyant. Indeed, during the month of October, we reported an almost double-digit uplift in job seekers and job applications.

You tend to find that during Q4 you have a healthy mix of:

Permanent candidates who are eager to secure their job move prior to the holiday period Temporary candidates who want to ensure they secure an assignment ahead of the expensive Christmas period and; Seasonal workers who are looking for find a great seasonal opportunity.

In addition to this, the recent positive economic news that has been released has confirmed it is a great time to invest in your team despite any market uncertainty following the referendum vote. Particularly:

  • The UK economy is leading the rest of the G8 in terms of growth rates
  • The proportion of GB population (aged 16 to 64) claiming main out of work benefits has continued to decline, showing more and more people are getting back into work.

In addition to this is the positive results received just last week that the British economy has continued to grow (0.5%) since the Brexit vote. This is despite treasury, mid referendum campaign forecasts, predicting a slow down and indeed demonstrating an improvement from the earlier forecasts of 0.3% from Q1 of this year.

In summary, it is a great time to find great staff and a fantastic time to advertise a job! We may know somebody who could help you with this (hint hint).