Welcoming a new employee

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The relevance of properly welcoming a new employee into your team is often neglected.

How employees are treated in the first few weeks at a new company will determine a lot about their attitude and future performance at your company. For that reason, we have written a short article including a few tips about welcoming a new starter to your company.

Inform your staff

First of all, let your team know that there will be a new member joining them. Getting your staff excited about the new arrival will certainly help them give a nice warm welcome.


Do not wait for the new starter to turn up in the morning before starting to set up their computer or printing welcome documents. Give a good first impression and have everything ready the day before. Your first day at a new business is scary enough without having to wait around while people rush about setting up passwords and a workspace.

Don't have them start at 9 am

Letting them start late gives you a chance to get settled into work and prepare yourself for the induction. Plus if you have left everything to the last minute the employee will never know if they don't start until 10 am.


It is important to introduce the new employee to everyone in the business not just the people they will be working with. Introducing them to everyone and explaining a little about what they do in the company will go miles in making the feel valued, it will also show what a nice company they will be working for.

Keep them busy

The working day is very long with nothing to do. Don't let your new recruit get bored.

If possible, plan too much them to do, this way it won't be awkward for them when they are constantly asking you for new work in their first few days.

After work drinks

There is no team bonding experience as effective as drinks after work. As long as they are old enough to drink that is. Getting to know someone outside of the office environment where everyone is relaxed means you see people's true personalities and they learn to connect with you on another level. A word of caution, ensure no one drinks excessively as that can lead to embarrassment and awkwardness in work, the exact thing you were trying to avoid.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything you should do when welcoming a new member of staff, but by following some of the points laid out in this article, I am sure the dreaded first day will run that little bit smoother.