Where to advertise a job?

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So you’re recruiting. That means, you’re going to need candidates. Good candidates.

Recruitment and recruitment advertising has changed a lot over the last few years and candidate attraction certainly has. Newspaper advertising and recruitment agency assistance is no longer the go to method for every organisation. Where is it best to advertise a job?

The simple answer, is everywhere. Total Jobs, Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed etc are all fantastic candidate sourcing tools. However, to try a number of them together requires expensive upfront commitment (with each job board averaging around £250 per advert).

Your candidate really could be using any form of job board when searching for their next opportunity. To give your vacancy the best candidate reach it really does help to cover the market as much as possible.

Our solution gives you access to our huge network of job boards, including all the brands mentioned early for a flat fee £139 or less. We think there isn’t any better way to advertise a job for a flat fee so low.

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