Where to advertise jobs

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A key decision when sourcing candidates directly for any recruitment campaign is to assess where your candidate flow is going to come from. This was particularly important if you were planning on investing heavily into various job boards. We for the most part take care of this process for you by continually monitoring job board performance and selection.

I’ll summarise exactly how our internal analyst reviews job board selection and performance.

Selection, for us, is relatively straightforward:

Does the job board have relevant category coverage. A lot of our job board coverage comes from large, premium generalist boards such as:

  • Total Jobs
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • and various others.

These boards tend to have great coverage for all roles and skill sets. Where we tend to select and deselect here is using boards with a dedicated focus, such as:

  • CW Jobs (IT & Internet Roles)
  • Accountancy Job Board (Finance Roles)
  • Telecoms Job Board (Telecoms Roles)

Performance is always a critical area for us when continuing to develop our network. How well job boards perform impacts the service we deliver to our clients. Therefore, we are very much involved in the continual monitoring of our job board performance. Some basic KPIs that I always look to are:

Job Views: Knowing how many job views is key. Low views can sometimes mean you may need to amend the job title or summary information. Applicants: Of course, the obvious one. It’s important here to pay consideration to the specialism, seniority level and locality of the role(s) Apply Rate: The apply rate can be a helpful indicator to show if there is any potential issue with the content of the advert (does the role not sound as great as it is?). Or, whether the role doesn’t fit with other similar roles in the local area (is the salary to low compared to other companies recruiting for the same role in the local area).

We analyse the performance continually for all roles to see where we are delivering successfully for our clients. As a recruiter that uses a large amount of job boards , social media and other candidate sourcing tools this is always going to be a key for us, we always need to know the optimum places where to advertise jobs for our clients. If there is anything in this article you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to [contact us](http://www.thatrecruit.com/contact.