Job Board Advertising

Job Board Advertising: Leveraging Your Skills for Success

The digital age has transformed the ways in which candidates encounter a position and how employers post a listing. Traditional methods such as placing an advertisement in a local newspaper or within a static web page were not only laborious, but they were often ineffective at reaching the intended audience (for both the recruiter and the candidate alike). This has all changed thanks to the presence of online job boards. However, there is still a problem that needs to be overcome. There are currently thousands of online portals to utilise and manually listing a position can be time-consuming and ineffective. This is where the power of smart job board advertising comes into play. What are the benefits of this approach and why are a greater number of companies outsourcing these solutions to third-party agencies such as ThatRecruit?

The Potential Pitfalls of In-House Recruitment Strategies

In the past, many companies would attempt to save money by procuring potential candidates through the use of in-house solutions. However, there were a few problems with this approach. Due to limited time and resources, the correct individual for a certain may be overlooked or the wrong set of skills could result in hiring a less-then-qualified prospect. It is just as important to mention that it would be nearly impossible to target all of the relevant online job portals, as there are literally hundreds within the United Kingdom alone. How can employing the services of a third-party firm help to address these pivotal issues?

All Under One Roof

ThatRecruit effectively takes the proverbial "legwork" out of finding the right candidate for a specific position. This arises from the fact that a number of different job boards are employed alongside other effective methods such as social media campaigns and even national advertising. This decidedly smart approach saves a great deal of time and in the realm of modern business, time is indeed money.

Another massive benefit is that as opposed to allocating resources towards the recruitment process itself, firms can instead place their attention back into core competencies such as sales, product development and client relations. This is often not possible with in-house approaches and should the wrong candidate be chosen, revenue generation and efficiency are both likely to suffer as a result.

Placing the Power Back Into the Hands of the Company

One of the reasons why many modern firms are unwilling to utilise a third-party job board advertising service is that they fear that they will be kept out of the recruitment process itself. ThatRecruit has eliminated this understandable concern. Selecting the correct candidate is always in the hands of the company; there are no outside influences. Additionally, a single fee of £139 pounds is ideal for dealing with limited budgets. There are no hidden costs or other expenditures at a later date. Another important advantage is that the details of every candidate can be kept for future needs as opposed to becoming the proprietary property of ThatRecruit. In other words, this information can be used at a later date if required. This is not often the case with similar centralised job board providers.

ThatRecruit works with some of the largest online employment names in the business such as Monster, CareerBuilder and TotalJobs. Thus, firms can rest assured that they are receiving superior levels of exposure which will help to attract the right candidate at the most appropriate times. If your company is looking to efficiently encounter qualified individuals, ThatRecruit is always here to help. Please contact us directly to learn more or if you have any other questions.